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1) Definitions

Defining terms and the Geneva Convention


3) Identify goals

What is the Protection Officer looking for in an interview with an asylum seeker? What are the determining points that he must check?


5) Deliver an intimate story

 The OP expects the asylum seeker to tell him an intimate story, that is to say that he tells him his story by exposing his intimacy._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


7) Carry the conviction of the OP

The decision whether or not to grant refugee status does not answer the question: "Is this a true story?" but follows from the following: "Has the asylum seeker convinced the PO?" ".


2) The ofpra interview

Description of the interview process


4) be a good refugee

An asylum seeker has a better chance of obtaining the status if he corresponds to the figure of the "good refugee".


6) do not appear to be a liar

The most difficult exercise for the asylum seeker is to circumvent the myth of the “lying refugee”.


8) Closing

To conclude and open the debate

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